About Us

About Us




We believe that Fashion is a vehicle for change whilst making you, our beautiful customer, feel your most attractive and confident. Lynne Kayenne Studio is a social enterprise with the goal of changing lives in our community in Malawi by creating jobs, empowering women, supporting the youth in the creative sectors and tree planting and forest conservation through our collaboration with Ripple Africa. Our garments and accessories are proudly Made in Malawi by local artisans and our collaborators are paid a decent wage and treated with respect and, like us, are driven by expressing their creativity.



Our vision is to share our Malawian fashion point of view, promoting vibrant, ethical garments and beauty with the world by sharing our craftsmanship, culture and heritage by sharing authentic Malawian stories.



Our mission here at Lynne Kayenne Studio is to create timeless garments and accessories for women across the world to feel their most beautiful - inside and out - in our garments and accessories. Our pieces are hand made with love at our workshop in Lilongwe where our collaborators are paid fairly, treated with respect and work in an environment where they can thrive and shine. Our goal is to share the African spirit, African values and the essence of Africa in our garments and accessories there by allowing the magic of Africa to adorn you, our customer.



Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do at Lynne Kayenne Studio. We design beautiful garments and accessories with you in mind and our goal is to delight you.

We aim to use fashion as a vehicle for change in our community. We do this by trying our best to be socially responsible. Our mission is not to just make you look your most beautiful but to ensure that our collaborators, are paid fairly and treated with respect so they can create our garments in an environment where they can thrive and shine and continue to train others more and more people in our community thereby creating opportunities.

Sharing African Fashion with the world –We aim to share our garments and accessories with women across the world. Our products are created for all women, of all creed, races, backgrounds and walks of life. We believe in Umunthu (I am because we are).

We put love at the center of everything we do, whether it is in the design process or the hand making of the garments and accessories. We believe that the world needs more love and that love is all we need.

We want women to feel their most confident, bold, beautiful, happiest and powerful in our vibrant, timeless garments and accessories.